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Influence of Projectile Velocity on Penetration into a

Feb 19, 2019 · Iqbal et al. [12, 13] investigated the phenomena of the normal and oblique impact of projectiles on targets using numerical methods. The projectile is a sharp-nosed projectile with characterized by a rigid body, and the targets are single- and double-layered steel plates with a thickness of 12 mm or aluminum plates with a thickness of 1 mm. Numeric Simulation of the Penetration of 7.62 mm Armour Aug 09, 2013 · Eksik Ö., Turhan L., Yalçn E., Günay V. (2013) Numeric Simulation of the Penetration of 7.62 mm Armour Piercing Projectile into Ceramic/Composite Armour. In:Öchsner A., Altenbach H. (eds) Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Advanced Materials and Structures. Advanced Structured Materials, vol 41.

Numerical simulation of normal and oblique ballistic

Section snippets Simulation tools. In the present study, the Hypermesh computer code has been used as the pre-processing tool. The numerical analysis of non-linear impact and penetration was performed using the non-linear finite element code LS-DYNA3D [19], [20], which is dedicated to the analysis of dynamic problems associated with large deformation, low- and high-velocity impact, ballistic On the Horizontal Deviation of a Spinning Projectile The absence of a general theory that describes the dynamical behavior of the particulate materials makes the numerical simulations the most current powerful tool that can grasp many mechanical problems relevant to the granular materials. In this paper, based on a two-dimensional soft particle discrete element method (DEM), a numerical approach is developed to investigate the consequence of the The Influence of Projectile Structure on the Trajectory In order to study the influence of projectile structure on the trajectory stability of oblique penetration concrete, this paper designs five kinds of projectile structure including cylinder, stern, tapered tail, cone with 4° and 7°, using LS-DYNA simulation software, the process of five kinds of projectile structure penetration into concrete is studied.

Numericai Simulation on Non-Normal Penetration into

In this paper, a FEA model of non-normal(considering yaw angle and oblique angle) penetration into reinforced concrete is established by using software ANSYS/LS-DYNA. In order to validate the digital model which is sensitive to material parameters,mesh size,ect. Amounts of numerical simulations