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Beam Orrcon Steel

Beam. Orrcon Steel Hot Rolled Structural steel is produced in accordance with AS/NZS 3679.1 - Chinese standard I beams-I beams-section steel-Products Chinese standard I beams Description:Standard :GB. Aplication :Construction. Shape :I beam. Payment:T/T or LC. Delivery time:Around 30-45 days after receive pre-payment or cope of LC. Size breakdown as follow:(China standard)

Guide to Steel Beam Calculations [2021]

Jan 29, 2021 · Weve compiled a short step-by-step guide to working out steel beam sizes. Calculate Steel Beam Span Length; The steel span length is essentially the distance from the centre of one end bearing to the other. For example, if the exact distance between steel support beams is 4 metres, with an end bearing length of 0.1m, the span length would be I Beam JIS G3192 - Steel Sections Properties With CAD FileMay 15, 2021 · I Beam Series :I Standard :JIS G3192 Region :Japan Shape :Tapered Flange Manufacturing Type :Hot rolled Geometric Properties Depth(h) :150 (mm) Width(b) :125 (mm) Web thickness(tw) :8.5 Continue reading I Beam JIS G3192 I Beam 150x125, I Beam Sizing, Steel I Beam I Beam Supplier Best I Beam Prices South Africa BSi SteelOUR UNIVERSAL BEAM S355 (I BEAM) PRODUCTS ARE AVAILABLE IN 9/11/13M LENGTHS FER I OU H.E.A. S355 FERRO UNIVERSAL I S355 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (I BEAM) Available 9/11/13 m / Longeur en stock 9/11/13 mètres / Aussi disponibles 9/11/13 m

Universal Beam - 203mm x 133mm - 25kg SteelOnline

Universal Beam 203mm x 133mm 25kg. An Universal Beam, also known as an I-beam or a H-beam, is a beam with an I or H-shaped cross-section. The horizontal elements of the I are known as flanges, while the vertical element is termed the web. I-beams are usually made of structural steel and are used in construction and civil Universal Beam Sizes Bits Of Steelh (mm) b (mm) tf (mm) tw (mm) r (mm) UB15014:14.0:150:75:7.0:5.0:8.0:UB15018:18.0:155:75:9.5:6.0:8.0:UB18016:16.1:173:90:7.0:4.5:8.9:UB18018:18.1:175:90:8.0:5.0:8.9:UB18022:22.2:179:90:10.0:6.0:8.9:UB20018:18.2:198:99:7.0:4.5:11.0:UB20022:22.2:202:133:7.0:5.0:8.9:UB20025:25.4:203:133:7.8:5.8:8.9:UB20029:29.8:207:134:9.6:6.3:8.9:UB25025:25.7:248: Universal Beams - Rainham SteelUniversal Beams. Material to EN 10025-2:2004. Dimensions and properties to BS4-1:2005. AVAILABLE IN S355JR & S355JO. Serial Size. mm x mm x mm. Mass per metre. kg/m. Depth of section D.

I-Beams Triad Metals International

I-Beams October 18, 2016 June 28, 2017. 1. I-Beams, also known as standard beams, are commonly made of structural steel but can be formed out of aluminum. I-Beams are most widely used in construction and can have an application for use in both beams as well as columns. Triad Metals offers many different sizes, lengths and specifications for I