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THIS IS SINGLE SIDE CANTILEVER RACK. WE ALSO HAVE DOUBLE SIDED CANTILEVER RACK AVAILABLE. GREAT FOR STORING LUMBER , SHEET STOCK , STEEL , PIPE AND ANYTHING ELSE LONG. EACH SET COMES WITH 3 - 12' TOWERS WITH THREE 48" BASES WELDED ON THEM & 9 - 48" ARMS AND SUPPORTS THAT TIE EACH TREE TOGETHER. GREAT FOR Cantilever Racking (In Stock) Shop Cantilever Storage RacksCantilever Racking. Ideal for storage of lumber, steel channels, pipes, tubes, plywood and steel plates and items of long length or irregular shape. Powder-coated finish, standard for indoor use or powder coated with U.V. resistant coating. Can be galvanized for external use. Can be engineered for use as rack supported buildings.

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Double Side Cantilever Rack with straight 12 inch arms Cantilever Storage Racks are based on our customer's specific storage needs. Heavily constructed, available with many arm lengths, angles, & style options. Adjustable vertically in 3 increments, these racks have bolted arm connections. Cantilever Racking Systems - Store Pipe, Timber, Steel SupeRack Cantilever Systems are the answer to storing long loads such as steel, pipes, timber, extrusions, tubes etc. Therefore they allow for easier product placement and removal. The horizontal load bearing arms are easily adjusted to suit varying sizes and loads. Cantilever Racks are available in medium and heavy duty. Cantilever Shelving McMaster-CarrTo build a complete rack, order at least two columns, a set of braces, and your desired number of arms. The length of the braces determines the width of the rack. Add on to the rack by using another column, a set of braces, and arms. Components are only compatible with other Extra-Heavy Duty Racks for Pipe

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Cantilever storage racks have arms that extend from their frames to hold long materials such as steel bars, tubing, and pipe. They are also known as pipe storage racks and cantilever shelving. Single-sided cantilever racks have arms on one side, and double-sided cantilever racks have arms on both sides. Cantilever racking, Cantilever rack - All industrial steel adjustable. cantilever racking. 200*40*2.0/2.5. forklifts. The height of cantilever racking is usually lower than 2500mm (the height up to 6000mm by using forklifts for loading); length of arm is shorter than 1500mm, and loading capacity is no more Large Capacity Cantilever Lumber Rack , Industrial Cantilever racks (also referred to as lumber racks or pipe rack) are heavy duty storage shelving that is specifically designed for storing long and bulky items or materials such as lumber, plywood, PVC, steel pipe and metal or bar stock pipes, and more. For this reason, cantilever storage rack is the preferred solution for storing heavy duty items such as furniture, boats, steel bar stock, pvc pipe, iron pipe and a

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Pipes are often stored on cantilever racks, but our stacking steel pipe storage racks offer you a whole new level of versatility. Cantilever racks offer you great selectivity to individual pieces or bundles of steel tubing and pipe. But pipe storage racks offer you flexibility. Our pipe racks for sale offer you flexible storage of plastic and Q235 Steel Heavy Duty Cantilever Storage Racks Pipes Q235 Steel Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks for Pipes Lumber Sheet Longer Material . Overview Of Cantilever Racks:Cantilever Rack is designed to store long loads such as beams, profiles, pipes,metal sheet,wooden sheet and timber. Different size design will satisfy different load to be stored. What is Cantilever Racking? Cantilever & Lumber Racks Cantilever racks are steel shelving units with long arms that extend from metal frames used to store long, bulky or awkward materials. They are used to store items such as furniture, lumber, PVC, metal pipes, steel bar stock, plywood, steel sheets, sheetrock and even cars. Cantilever racks are configurable in countless different ways, allowing

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Warehouse Heavy Duty Side Steel Pipe Cantilever Rack Double Column Cantilever Racking for Rebar Storage. Heavy duty Cantilever Rack is the ideal solution for storing long or heavy items such as:Pipe, tubing or lumber. It is designed to manage loads of varying length and proportion.